Back with a vengeance!!! meh. not really

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been here. Nice to see things haven’t changed much.

The blog was originally created as part of an assignment for grad school and once I had the degree in my hot, little hand I never came back to it.  But lately I’ve been thinking about starting up again.  The problem is my thoughts are like those annoying gnats in the summertime, buzzing around constantly but never really landing on any one thing.

I can’t imagine how tiring it is for those little buggers never settling, because I know I’m exhausted by the constant whirling about in my brain!  But, we’ll see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll be all over the place at first and then find my footing. Or, maybe it’ll always be a whirling dervish of ideas.  But it couldn’t suck any more or less than some other blogs out there, so we’ll just have a go shall we?

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